Welcome to my portfolio!

Hi, my name is Chloe. This is where most of my writing will be shown. Such as Science projects, Social Studies projects, Free Writing, Prompts, Essays, Poetry, and even Pronoun projects. Enjoy!

Out of school, I really love horses. I even participate in Horseback Riding. I'm learning to trot, and starting to learn posting right now. Hoping to learn how to gallop by the end of summer. Also, I would like to compete in Barrel Racing, and Pole Bending.

Here are some gifs/ pictures of horses that I thought were beautiful, competitive, adorable, and just plain funny.

external image dw6c600.gif
external image 77476_pora-umyc-konia.gif
external image 52266889e691b23893883a92_736.jpg
external image horsses.gif
external image Galloping.gif
external image 9da6f401f562f07eb48927d8220d480d.jpg
external image 449642_170x100.png?v=1401674992.0
external image tcce0ed_running_horse.gif
external image Funny-Horse-Face-Funny-Pictures.jpg
external image friesian-o.gif
external image tumblr_n65fngtU1D1stcny1o1_400.gif
external image funny-horse-5.jpg
external image tumblr_mpua6tr3OM1su0p2do1_400.gif
external image tumblr_m1ru836Wwg1qfzga1o1_400.gif
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external image tumblr_mm9c7c6tRC1qe2thio1_400.gif
external image 23dd3ec2964c1308034324c28ca475ef.jpg
external image Funny-Horse-Memes-12.jpg
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